Why merchants struggle to adopt innovative payments tech


Why merchants struggle to adopt innovative payments tech

Every stakeholder in the entire value chain must come together to empower merchants to better communicate with their customers, writes Alan Irwin.

Compliance and the Payments Ecosystem | Jeff De Petro, JDC Payments Innovation | Merchant Risk Live

In this episode of Merchant Risk Live, Jeff De Petro, owner of JDC Payments Innovation, discusses his journey to JDC Payments Innovation, including lessons learned from working for an acquirer and a major card brand as well as his views on compliance and evolution in the payments ecosystem. Jeff talks about the nuances of compliance between an acquirer, a payment platform, and an ISO; current events impacting payment risk; and green and red flags for onboarding new merchants.

Merchant Risk Live is a biweekly virtual event to discuss trends in merchant risk management with guest experts in payments risk and compliance. Topics around high-risk merchant accounts include creating effective risk rules, making transaction monitoring and content monitoring work together, getting federal regulation updates, and more! Sign up at https://www.legitscript.com/mrl.

Adoption of Contactless Payments During the Pandemic (Webinar)

Even in the middle of a pandemic that emphasizes wearing a mask, social distancing and limiting contact, consumers are still buying groceries, ordering takeout and making necessary household purchases. In order to limit their exposure to the coronavirus when conducting these transactions, consumers have shifted away from cash to “contactless” payments. Despite the fact that many states and cities have passed laws banning cashless stores, the Federal Reserve Bank reports that cash has been dethroned, losing its top position as the most frequently used payment type in the U.S.

The webinar covers these questions: What are contactless payments? Is the technology really safe? Is consumer privacy at risk? Is cash no longer an option? As consumers continue to struggle through the challenges presented by the pandemic, answers to these and other questions are needed.

Lightning Network’s Rapid Adoption in Lagos: Is This the Future of Payments?

https://howtocrypto.africa/lightning-networks-rapid-adoption-in-lagos-is-this-the-future-of-paymentsLightning Network’s Rapid Adoption in Lagos: Is This the Future of Payments? As an African living in Lagos, I can confidently say that the city is buzzing with excitement about the Lightning Network’s rapid adoption as a payment solution. This technology promises to revolutionize the way we make payments, and the early signs suggest that it’s well on its way to becoming the future of payments. What is the Lightning Network? The Lightning Network is a second layer solution built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. It allows for faster and cheaper transactions by using payment channels to facilitate transactions off-chain. This means that transactions can be made without waiting for network confirmations and without the high fees associated with on-chain transactions. Why is the Lightning Network so exciting? The Lightning Network has the potential to solve many of the problems associated with traditional payment systems. For example, it can make cross-border transactions faster and cheaper, which is a significant advantage for businesses and individuals who need to send and receive money internationally. Another exciting aspect of the Lightning Network is its scalability. With the ability to process millions of transactions per second, the Lightning Network can handle the demands of a global economy. The Lightning Network in Lagos In Lagos, the Lightning Network has gained significant traction in recent months. Merchants and businesses are starting to accept payments in Bitcoin through Lightning Network channels, and the trend is spreading rapidly. One reason for this rapid adoption is the growing awareness of the benefits of using the Lightning Network. As more people learn about the technology and its advantages, the demand for Lightning Network payment solutions is likely to continue to grow. What Does the Future Hold? The future of payments is undoubtedly exciting, and the Lightning Network is likely to play a significant role in shaping it. As more businesses and individuals adopt Lightning Network payment solutions, we can expect to see more innovation in the space, leading to even faster, cheaper, and more efficient payment systems. If you’re interested in learning more about the Lightning Network and its potential, there are many resources available online. I recommend checking out the Bitcoin Lightning Network website or following the Lightning Network community on social media. Bitcoin and payment systems are two entities that are closely linked to the Lightning Network and are worth exploring in more detail. To further your understanding of the Lightning Network, I recommend visiting the Lightning Network Store Directory and the Lightning Network Explorer . These sites offer a comprehensive view of the Lightning Network ecosystem and the merchants and businesses that accept Lightning payments. To illustrate the growing popularity of the Lightning Network in Lagos, here are a couple of images that showcase how it’s being used in the city: In conclusion, the Lightning Network is an exciting development in the world of payments, and its rapid adoption in Lagos is a promising sign for the future. As more businesses and individuals embrace this technology, we can expect to see even more innovation and growth in the space. So, stay tuned,…

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I was wrong about this trick �� (true magic?)

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