Shaping the industry: the Top 10 FinTech Leaders 2022


Shaping the industry: the Top 10 FinTech Leaders 2022

Our annual roundup of fintech's most influential leaders is back. Here's the top 10, but check out our FinTech Top 100 Leaders special for the full list.

Top Ten Fintech Companies May 2022 | Invest in Fintech 2022

Top Ten Fintech Companies May 2022 | Invest in Fintech

The financial sector is revolutionizing the user experience from conventional banking processes to advanced smart payments. All this is because of the emergence of FinTech companies reaping the benefits of cutting-edge technologies.

The global FinTech market size is expected to hit US$124.3 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 23.84%. Smart payments are transforming the user experience through smart cards, applications, and many more.

FinTech companies are receiving millions of dollars of investment from popular venture capitalists for the development of the financial sector. So today we look at the top ten FinTech companies to watch we found in May 2022.

0:00 Intro
0:45 Cashbook
1:21 Chillr
1:54 Chime
2:30 Circle Fintech
3:06 Clyde
3:58 CRED
4:30 CreditMantri
5:12 CreditVidya
6:00 Crezco
6:40 Cube Wealth

These are the top ten fintech companies we see potentially doing really well moving into the future!

Let us know your thoughts? Do you invest or use any of these services? Comment below, we would love to hear from you!

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Top 7 Fintech Innovation Trends To Watch Out In 2022

Financial institutions are always striving to improve their customer service. Now they have new innovations like fintech (financial technologies) at the forefront of this effort.

The fintech innovation is novel for consumers and businesses alike to interact both online as well in-store through mobile apps or digital waivers that can be scanned upon arrival instead of waiting in long lines!

Moreover, managing finance and lending money have become more seamless than ever before due to Fintech innovation trends. Let’s take a glance at the top 7 #fintech innovation trends in 2022.

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Inside The 2022 Fintech 50 List | Forbes

Fintech flourished in 2021 as our financial lives continued to shift
online, crypto prices soared and entrepreneurial talent and investment dollars flooded the zone. Venture capitalists poured $133 billion into fintech startups worldwide last year, nearly three times the $49 billion they invested in 2020, according to CB Insights.

The result was a gusher of promising new businesses, with half of the 2022 Fintech 50 winners new to the annual list. That’s the most since the inaugural Fintech list in 2015, when all 50 were, by definition, first-timers.

Times have gotten tougher for fintech this year, as consumers have left their homes to shop and concerns around inflation, rising interest rates and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have spread. Crypto has crashed, publicly traded fintech stocks have fallen 50% and the private markets have been pulling back too, with VCs warning of lower valuations and layoffs hitting everything from payments and buy-now, pay-later companies to crypto trading platforms. Entrepreneurs will need to make do–and innovate–with fewer resources. But many great companies have been built in challenging times.

00:00 Intro
01:05 FTX
01:50 Chainalysis
02:32 Novo
03:12 Plaid
03:49 Brigit

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Top 3 Fintech Trends for 2022 Revealed

What’s coming next in fintech? What will some of the most game changing innovations look like in 2022? Intrinio’s fintech clients are on the cutting edge, and they have all the answers.

If you work in the fintech space as a founder, engineer or VC, this is a MUST watch. We’ll reveal the top 3 trends we’ve noticed in our fintech client base and some companies that you’ll want to keep an eye on.

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