Profile: Stripe – FinTech startup serving Google and Amazon


Profile: Stripe – FinTech startup serving Google and Amazon

Stripe is a fast-growing fintech startup offering innovative online payment solutions to global businesses
Regardless of your definition of a startup…

How to use ChatGPT to build Business Ideas, Sites & Personal Projects

ChatGPT is more than just a language model, it can be used to create websites, businesses and much more. And I would know best, as I created, built, and sold a business using OpenAI platform just this year. So in this video, I’m going to explain how to use ChatGPT and its models so you can do the same. The video is structured in three parts.

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Video 1 – What is ChatGPT (Introduction)

Video 2 – Crash Course ChatGPT

Video 3 – I created a SaaS in 30 days

OpenAI ChatGPT:

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HEDNAChat 1 – Why FinTech is Critical to Hospitality

In this session we’ll explore what hoteliers can learn from other industries about operating with a modern payments infrastructure – how automatically accepting, moving and paying-out funds can form the basis of significant improvements in both revenues and costs. Benefits can be developed in-house or outsourced to tech-partners, allowing stretched hotel and HQ teams to focus on revenues, manage partnerships, guest experience and operations.

James Lemon, Stripe

THIS Fintech Company Offers a 40% Discount, and It’s NOT PayPal

This fintech company is bigger than Amazon Pay and Square combined and you can buy shares at a 40% discount. Check out the deal for Stripe on Dizraptor, open only until October 31st.

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Adopting a startup mentality | Stripe Sessions 2021

Hear from CEO Patrick Collison to explore new product announcements from Stripe and learn how we partner with startups and enterprises to help you adapt to market shifts, grow your revenue, and scale globally.